Pro Am Driving School
Safety Skills Taught By Proven Professionals


Pro Am Driving

There are plenty of driving schools to help our kids earn the required training hours, learn the rules of the road and pass the DMV test.  With nearly 900,000 teens involved in serious accidents as first year drivers, we need to do a better job at preparing our kids for the day to day challenge of driving safely. Our teachers are proven professional drivers that will teach from a different perspective.



We have entered into an agreement with a tech company that has patented a device that shuts off your child’s texting capabilities if the car is moving. This is another opportunity to keep your child safe on the road. Statistics show that 56% of kids either talk or text while driving. Over half the accidents are caused from these distractions. We use brand new Ford Fusions that are equipped with cell control.



The most important investment parents can make is safety and education. At Pro AM we take that investment seriously. We understand that teaching your own son or daughter can be a daunting task. We believe that our students will focus better knowing that they are being taught by true professionals with decades of driving experience in Hollywood films from the hit TV show the DUKES OF HAZZARD to the movie FAST AND FURIOUS.


When I started my research on driving schools I was surprised that driving instructors only needed a written test to teach. They do not have to possess any talent or experience behind the wheel. At Pro Am we only use proven professional drivers.