Gary has over 40 years of experience in stunt driving in the film industry.  When he was working on Jurassic World and the New Terminator in New Orleans last year, he finally decided it was time to do something else.  He was ready for a new venture, so his kids suggested that he teach teens how to drive because of all of his experience working in the industry.  After doing some research, he found statistics showed that close to one million kids are in serious accidents their first year of driving. Therefore, he started a small driving school to hopefully make a difference.  Laura and I are looking forward to teaching your teen to drive and give them a memorable experience.

Pro AM Driving School founder, Gary Baxley, is a professional stunt driver, stunt coordinator and director with more than 40 years of experience. On the big screen, stunt driving is all about squealing tires, daring maneuvers, and chasing the bad guys. But to the professional drivers, it’s all very calculated. It’s about awareness, skill and discipline. We’ll teach them to recognize the dangerous situations and teach them to avoid them. Young drivers tend to underestimate the crash risk in hazardous situations like trying to stay out of the fast lane after it rains to prevent a chance of hydroplaning. Pro Am takes a no-nonsense approach with our students.

Laura Albert, is a former member of the respected Stunt Women’s Assocation and haslaura been in the Motion Picture Industry for 30 years. 22 years has been spent as a Professional Stunt woman. She has done stunts in over 180 Feature Films and Television. In addition to the film industry, Laura was also on two stunt driving teams, Performance Two and the Professional Drivers Association.
Laura Albert was also the host on The Learning Channel’s “Driving me Crazy,” which was a show that took bad drivers and turned them into skilled ones.

Laura has a great compassion for people. She has a unique ability to communicate and connect with our younger generation. She enjoys teaching kids respect, responsibility, and accountability. This is the first and foremost important lesson that we can give our kids when learning how to operate a vehicle, given the distractions of modern day technology. Laura brings her experience on and off the road and will make this truly a fun and memorable education for your child, or any adult for that matter.

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